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Vasculyse Treatment for Dilated Capillaries




Dilated capillaries, a common skin disorder is also known as broken veins or broken blood vessels. The medical term for the condition is Telangiectasia.  They are small-threadlike veins close to surface of the skin, which when clustered together looks like a red bruise. However, unlike normal bruises, the bruises presented by dilated capillaries don’t fade.


Intense scrubbing of the face or washing with too hot water can lead to dilated capillaries, as the delicate capillaries in the face are easily damaged.  Other factors that can cause dilated capillaries are: over-exposure to the sun, skin injury, the natural process of aging, excessive drinking of alcohol and heredity.



Depending on the severity of the condition treatment can be a one-time thing or extended over a period as more than one session is needed to remove all of the affected capillaries. Like all medical treatments, removing dilated capillaries can have some side effects, but most are mild and include bruising of the skin and slight scabbing. However, most of these disappear within three to ten days.


Although in some instances dilated capillaries cannot be prevented, it can be minimized by reducing sun exposure and always wearing sunscreen when outdoors. Take special care when washing your face so as not to cause damage to the skin and underlying capillaries.