Ultrasonic Facial Treatment

The ultrasound skin machine is a safe, non-invasive device for the superficial exfoliation of the skin using water for the ultrasonic peeling (cavitation), sonophoresis for molecular product penetration, and healing micro amp therapy.  


Ultrasonic Peeling utilizes a metal blade (wand applicator) to produce a controlled, high-speed mechanical oscillation generating skin peeling.

This precise process provides for a gentle and effective removal of the outer layers of stratum corneum, enhancing the skin's natural turnover and renewal process.


Sonophoresis uses ultrasonic frequencies to help transfer topical substances through the skin, such as antioxidants, peptides, hyaluronic acids, ceramides, botanicals, etc.

Low-frequency ultrasound, just above the range that is audible to the human ear, creates pathways in skin to allow these formulas to pass into the body and the skin will stay permeable for 4 hours after ultrasound application


MicroCurrent Therapy (The term microamp current refers to an electric current measured as one-millionth of an amp)

The membranes of injured human cells retain excess electrical current. Damaged skin cells or any cells that comprise human tissue that has been injured, such as sun damages skin, hold this excess current and thus need to be brought back into their natural range.

The purpose of micro amp therapy with an Ultrasound treatment is to return the damaged facial skin cells electrical potential to a normalized state.

Microamp therapy has been shown to increase ATP production in the mitochondria (the cellular organelle that provides critical cellular energy building new proteins and increasing ion transport).