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Sculptural Face Lifting

During the sculptural phase, the therapist literally sculpts the face anew, getting rid of all excess double chin, puffy sagging cheeks, droopy eyelids, lowered mouth corners, wrinkles between the eyebrows, etc.

The deep tissue phase is carried out through the oral cavity. 

Combining these techniques leads to an effective non-surgical facelift.

Results are noticeable just after one treatment, however, there is a cumulative effect, and a course of treatments is recommended

Sculptural Face Lifting touted as "Meghan Markle facial" is a method of natural rejuvenation developed by Yakov Gershkovich, the leading authority on natural rejuvenation and facial manipulation.

The fact is that as our skin ages, it is not enough just to hydrate and feed the skin, it is necessary to activate the exchange processes in tissues on a deeper level.  The problem is located a bit deeper, in the facial muscles and it is their 'toning' that effectively aids the facial procedure's effectiveness.

It consists of working at the muscles to sculpt them from the outside. It also incorporates lymph drainage, muscle tension release, the masseter muscle release (teeth grinding pain).  The technique also rel

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