Designed to re-educate and re-train your skin cells, repair the skin barrier, restoring optimal skin health. No two treatments are the same and are completely tailored to your skin's needs on that day.

Often when the skin is misbehaving it’s because cells have “forgotten” how to function. Whether its cellular senescence (skin aging), mitochondrial burnout (lack of cell energy), a breakdown in cell-to-cell communication (that can lead to concerns such as hyperpigmentation) or skin barrier disorders (the cause of dehydrated and dull skin, and leading to concerns such as acne or rosacea).

Regular facial treatments are at the core of a healthy skincare routine. 

Martina will configure the treatment for each client's skincare needs during the appointment using non-invasive technology, medical-grade skincare, anti-aging techniques, advanced peels, and massage.

Benefits of corrective facial treatments:

  • anti-aging 

  • fine lines and wrinkles

  • pigmentation

  • scarring

  • fundamental improvement of skin

  • uneven skin texture

  • dry or dehydrated skin

  • acne, oily or congested skin

  • dull or sluggish skin

  • loss of elasticity

  • rosacea or sensitive skin


Corrective Facial Treatments

Expertly selected combination therapy treatments.

Based on what your skin needs combining with the most cutting edge skin care ingredients that are proven to repair the skin barrier and re-program skin function.


ESSENTIAL      220/90 MIN

Includes deep cleaning using ultrasonic frequencies that create vibrations that help to loosen and remove oil, dirt, and cellular debris from pores, followed by customized exfoliation, extractions, application of actives, massage, and mask/s.     

CALMING    220/90 MIN

Sensitive skin requires special care, specialized ingredients, and subtle techniques. This gentle treatment mildly cleanses and exfoliates, while decongesting, diffusing redness and calming irritation.

BRIGHTENING    220/90 MIN     

This treatment improves the appearance of a dull complexion by brightening and hydrating and it also aids in the stimulation of collagen production to help tighten the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The skin is left looking more youthful with a radiant glow.



Essential Skin treatment including a dual-pulse microcurrent ultrasound which causes an immediate tightening, toning, and lifting effect on the skin as well as low-level peels, cosmetic microneedling, and LED Light Therapy used for skin rejuvenation, to reduce inflammation, and to improve healing.


Visibly improves the signs of photoaging of the eye area.
Repairing and revitalizing treatment for the eye contour. Improves fine lines, eyelift effect, and even the skin tone to keep the eye contour looking young. 

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